Oasea Laboratories a Leader in Skincare Innovation Cares About Marine Ecosystems

Skincare is becoming increasingly important in our awareness of health and beauty. However, amidst the popularity of skincare products, we often forget the impact they have on the environment, especially the fragile marine ecosystem. It is known that the ocean contributes around 50-80% of the earth’s oxygen and absorbs around one-third of carbon dioxide emissions. […]

Fake Eyelashes are The Secret Weapon of Instant Beauty

  False eyelashes, better known as fake lashes, have become one of the secret weapons in the beauty world. More than just adding volume and length, false eyelashes have become a powerful symbol of beauty that can dramatically change one’s appearance in an instant. For most women, having lustrous, long, and thick eyelashes is a […]

Indonesian Designer Toton Januar Successfully Showcases Work at White Show Milano 2023

Milan, Italy as a leading fashion city, will host the most anticipated international fashion event White Show Milano. White Show Milano is one of the international exhibitions in the global fashion world dedicated to womenswear collections held from September 22-25, 2023 in Milan, Italy. It is one of the most relevant and dynamic events during […]

Indonesian Handicrafts Go Global at Artigiano in Fiera 2023

Artigiano in Fiera is the world’s largest craft fair that is held regularly throughout the year, mainly in December in Milan, Italy. In 2023, the fair takes place from December 2 to December 10 in Fieramilano Rho-Pero. The fair is an ideal place for artisans from all over the world to present and tell their […]

The World of Beauty and Body Care in Indonesia is Getting More Sustainable

In recent years, the beauty and body care industry in Indonesia has experienced significant growth. Not only women are taking care of themselves, but men are also interested in doing the same. Changes in people’s lifestyles, increased health awareness, the use of social media and technological advances have been the main drivers in making the […]

Papua and Banjarmasin Offer Original Touches to the International Fashion Scene in Milan

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, artistic touches from various cultures around the globe often serve as a source of inspiration. Among the cities representing heritage and uniqueness are Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan and the province of Papua in the easternmost part of Indonesia. Both, with their rich cultural wealth and strong traditions, have made […]

ITPC Milan Supports Indonesian Furniture Export Through Host Milano 2023

In 2023, fieramilano hosted one of the prestigious exhibitions worldwide, namely Host Milano. Host Milano is an international exhibition dedicated to the hospitality sector, taking place from October 13-17, 2023. Held every two years, the exhibition offers everything needed to build a successful business, from raw materials to semi-finished products, from machinery to equipment, from […]

Indonesia Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) Milan Enhances Export Market Access Through Go International: La fiera dei servizi per l’export

The economic growth of a country is inseparable from the role of international trade. In an effort to expand markets and boost exports, many countries organize various trade exhibitions, one of which is Go International: La Fiera dei Servizi per l’Export. This exhibition is a showcase of export support services and international organizations organized by […]

Indonesian Leather Craftsmen’s Skills Captivate the World’s Eyes

Indonesia is one of the world’s leading producers of leather handicrafts and has a number of beautiful and unique leather handicrafts that reflect its rich cultural and historical heritage. Abundant natural resources support the availability of raw materials in the development of leather craft production in various regions in Indonesia. This makes Indonesia not only […]