Spice Coffee that Has Many Benefits

Coffee is one of the favorite drinks of many people in the world. This drink that comes from the seeds of the coffee plant is usually served by brewing it. Indonesia has a special coffee that is in great demand at the moment, which is known as spice coffee. Spice coffee is coffee of choice […]

Growing Globaly Together with Indonesian Crafts

The Primaduta Award is a form of appreciation and appreciation from the Indonesian government which is held annually by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade. This award is given to international importers who show their loyalty to continue to buy products from Indonesia and contribute actively to improving product quality, human resources and the economic development […]

Stay Stylish by Protecting the Environment

Fashion continues to roll quickly, the desire to always be up to date with contemporary goods provides opportunities and ideas for fashion industry players to always issue new concepts with the theme of Fast Fashion. In addition, the quantity of production is also a market demand. However, did you know that fashion is the second […]

The Flavour of Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the countries with an impressive and amazing culinary wealth. Several foods from Indonesia are included in CNN’s list of the 100 most delicious foods in the world. One of the reasons why food from Indonesia is so delicious and has so many variations is because food from Indonesia has an abundance […]

Introducing Indonesian Tropical Fruit To The World Through MACFRUT Exhibition

As an effort to boost Indonesian fruit exports penetration to Italy. The Indonesian Embassy in Rome through the functions of Trade Attaché and Agricultural Attache in collaboration with ITPC Milan participated in the MACFRUT 2021 exhibition which was held in the city of Termini on 7-8 September 2021. The MACFRUT 2021 exhibition is the premier […]

ITPC Milan and KBRI Roma was welcomed by the Municipality of Modena for a meeting on the socio-economic affairs together to develop economic and commercial relations with reference to the exports of Indonesian products in Italy

The Embassy of Indonesia Officials for Economic Affairs consists of the Counselor Caka Alverdi Awal (Mr.), Trade Attache Silvi Charlote Sumanti (Ms.), Officials of ITPC Milan Sri Bimo Adhi Y (Mr.) and Sumardi (Mr.) accompanied by the Honorary Council of the Republic of Indonesia, Jacopo Cappuccio (Sig.), was welcomed by the Municipality of Modena for […]