Oasea Laboratories a Leader in Skincare Innovation Cares About Marine Ecosystems

Skincare is becoming increasingly important in our awareness of health and beauty. However, amidst the popularity of skincare products, we often forget the impact they have on the environment, especially the fragile marine ecosystem. It is known that the ocean contributes around 50-80% of the earth’s oxygen and absorbs around one-third of carbon dioxide emissions. This is four times larger than the amazon forest. In addition, marine ecosystems cover up to 70% of the Earth’s surface, which is a hospitable area and source of life for millions of living things including humans. With this, Oasea Laboratories emerges as a leader in skincare innovation that is not only effective for the skin but also responsible for the planet, especially the marine ecosystem.


Oasea Laboratories not only focuses on developing high-quality skincare products, but also prioritizes sustainability and the balance of marine ecosystems. In every production process, Oasea Laboratories uses halal, plant-based (vegan) ingredients extracted from olives, namely squalane, cruelty-free, and non-toxic ingredients that have been clinically tested and approved by dermatologists. In addition, Oasea also provides third-party recycling services for used Oasea product packaging to minimize landfill waste. With this approach, Oasea has succeeded in developing skincare products that are not only safe for the skin but also preserve nature, especially the marine ecosystem.



One aspect that distinguishes Oasea Laboratories from others is the collaboration with communities and NGOs for the preservation of marine ecosystems and endangered marine animals. Oasea Laboratories collaborates with Thresher Shark Indonesia to help conserve rat sharks in Alor, East Nusa Tenggara through the Thresher Shark Conservation Champion program. In addition to working with communities and NGOs, Oasea Laboratories also pays attention to input and human awareness about marine ecosystems by providing education about the ocean and its role for the sustainability of life.



As such, Oasea Laboratories is not only leading the way in skincare innovation, but also in efforts to promote sustainability and environmental protection. By continuously conducting research, collaborating with experts, and raising public awareness, Oasea is paving the way for a more ecologically responsible skincare industry. Through these steps, Oasea Laboratories proves that true beauty comes from caring for our vast environment, especially the fragile marine ecosystem. Milan, Italy, known as one of the countries increasingly concerned with sustainability, will hopefully be able to collaborate with Oasea Laboratories, providing a great opportunity to bring skincare products that care about sustainability and marine ecosystems.

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