Indonesian Food and Beverages Capture the World’s Attention at CIBUS 2024

On May 7-10, 2024, Parma, Italy will once again be the center of attention for international foodies when CIBUS 2024 takes place. CIBUS is one of the world’s leading food and beverage exhibitions and has become a much-anticipated event for culinary industry players to share their innovations, latest trends, and superior products. More than 20,000 visitors and 1500 top foreign buyers during 2023. The event not only highlights the richness of Italy’s famous cuisine, but also introduces the diversity of food and beverages from other countries, especially Indonesia, so that the exhibition can provide a comprehensive experience in the world of food and beverage.

Indonesia, a homeland rich in culture, stunning nature, and last but not least, a wealth of food and drink that captivates the taste buds. Among the diversity of ethnicities, religions, cultures, food and beverages have become the common thread that unites this nation. It is no surprise that Indonesia is known as one of the richest countries in the world for its variety of food and beverages. At the CIBUS 2024 exhibition, Indonesia introduced 2 stunning participants with a variety of appetizing food and beverage innovations, namely InterAromat and Coretto.


InterAromat, is known to have offered the European market with Indonesian food and beverage products. It has also been importing and distributing Indonesian Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products for businesses from wholesale level to large supermarkets based in Europe. At the CIBUS 2024 exhibition, InterAromat introduced Chicken Noodle 2 Telor from FKS Food, a wide selection of teas made from the finest tea leaves and the best natural ingredients such as spices from Singabera, healthy snacks such as banana chips from Kultiva Co, rice crackers from Nusa, star drinks, bottled tea drinks and so on. Meanwhile, Coretto introduced Golden Powder products, which are quality coffee and tea products such as 3 in 1 instant milk tea (pull tea), 3 in 1 instant coffee as well as instant packaging for making boba tea drinks from wok foods and so on. Both present not only food and beverages, but also the stories behind them that reflect Indonesia’s cultural heritage and natural wealth.

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InterAromat and Correto’s participation in CIBUS 2024 is also inseparable from the support and collaboration between ITPC (Indonesia Trade Promotion Center) Milan, the Commercial Attache and the Indonesian Embassy in Rome. ITPC Milan, the Commercial Attache, and the Indonesian Embassy in Rome have been instrumental in facilitating InterAromat and Coretto’s participation in this event and helping to promote Indonesia’s superior products in the European market. Visitors to the exhibition were able to enjoy a variety of food and beverage products offered by InterAromat and Coretto, ranging from chips and rice crackers to coffee and tea. Through their presence at CIBUS 2024, InterAromat and Coretto succeeded in attracting the attention of international visitors, especially Italians, expanding their market reach, and bringing a positive image of Indonesian cuisine to the global arena.

With this, CIBUS 2024 is also an ideal platform for Indonesian food and beverage manufacturers to introduce their latest innovations to the global market. From snacks to beverages, Indonesia has demonstrated its potential as a diverse source of high-quality food and beverage products that can compete in the international market and inspire future generations to explore the world through food and beverages. In addition, this event is expected to motivate producers to continue to improve the quality of their products and introduce new innovations that can appeal to global consumers.

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