Potential of Indonesian Rattan as a Leading and Sustainable Industrial Product that is Environmentally Friendly in the Italian Market

Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of rattan, controlling approximately 85% of the rattan market. Of this total, 90% of rattan is sourced from natural forests in Sumatra, Central Kalimantan, and Central Sulawesi, while the remaining 10% comes from rattan cultivation. Moreover, Indonesia ranks third as a rattan-based exporter, with its main destinations being the […]

The Enchanting High-Value Jewelry Charms of Indonesia in the Eyes of the World

Indonesia possesses abundant natural resources, including mineral deposits that serve as the foundation for jewelry production. Various regions in Indonesia showcase their uniqueness and expertise in crafting exquisite and high-value jewelry, positioning Indonesia among the top 10 jewelry exporters in the world, alongside renowned countries like Italy known for their jewelry industry. Some Indonesian regions […]

Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags as an International Trade Exchange Event

Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags is an international trade fair for footwear, bags, belts, leather products and women’s and men’s accessories with various age ranges from children to adults. In this 99th edition, 1,300 producers from 42 countries were involved, with 43% filled by European companies and 57% coming from non-European countries. This shows that […]

The uniqueness of Indonesian coffee attracts attention at the World of Coffee Athens 2023

The World of Coffee (WoC) in Athens is a trade fair dedicated exclusively to the global coffee industry and the world’s specialty coffee community and is the largest specialty coffee exhibition in Europe. This exhibition was initiated by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) which is a membership-based non-profit organization that represents thousands of international coffee […]

Primaduta Award as an Appreciation Event for Loyal Indonesian Products Importers

The Primaduta Award holds a special place in the hearts of importers who have tirelessly promoted Indonesian products in their respective countries. Established in 1996, this annual award, named after the Indonesian word for “excellent” or “outstanding,” is bestowed by the Indonesian government to honor foreign importers who have made remarkable contributions to promoting and […]

Discover the Exoticism of Indonesian Special Spices at Macfrut 2023

Macfrut is an international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector that will be held on 3 – 5 May in Rimini, Expo Centre, Italy. The spotlight will be on fruits and vegetables as these sectors play a role in the Italian agri-food industry. According to ISMEA (Institute of Services for the Food Market) […]

Indonesian Wooden Toys Make Learning More Fun

Playing is the world of children. Analyzing child-friendly games is not easy because they require comfort, safety, and games must be able to stimulate creativity and have educational value. This type of toy is what made a woman from Bandar Lampung – Indonesia named Dian Rizki Hidayati to start a business called Littlemonq (pronounced Little […]

World Market Demand Wood Vintage Radio

In modern times, humans have been spoiled by technology. Only with an electronic device the size of a hand, we can listen to a variety of music. The existence of technology is growing rapidly, making mass communication and entertainment media such as radio less desirable. Radio itself was originally introduced by David Sarnoff in 1915. […]