Indonesian Wooden Toys Make Learning More Fun

Playing is the world of children. Analyzing child-friendly games is not easy because they require comfort, safety, and games must be able to stimulate creativity and have educational value. This type of toy is what made a woman from Bandar Lampung – Indonesia named Dian Rizki Hidayati to start a business called Littlemonq (pronounced Little Monkey). Where the name and logo of a little monkey as a creature that is agile, intelligent, and witty, is a representation of Dian’s creative hobby. The tagline owned by Littlemonq is Happiness from Nature.


Natural Toys produced by Littlemonq are toys made by hand using the best quality wood/fabric. For wood, Littlemonq uses high-quality wood which is legal wood from suppliers who have SVLK certificates (Timber Legality Assurance System) and come from Indonesian forests that are managed sustainably. The wood materials are teak, mahogany, Indonesian pine, birch, beech, and birch plywood. While the material/fabric used is premium quality merino wool for flannel toys. As a sweetener, the colors of the Littlemonq toys use toy paint that is produced by hand / non-toxic so these colors can be categorized as safe and non-toxic for children.


Littlemonq’s natural toys are designed to encourage child development. The production of toy-making is aligned with and inspired by the Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia approaches to early childhood education. There are many types of toys produced by Littlemonq, including Lacing Beads, which is an emergency game, in which children insert a thread into beads to make a perfect series. Pyramid Counting Tray is a toy consisting of trays bearing numbers and different sizes, which, when stacked, form a pyramid. This Rainbow Stacker is in the form of colorful bows of various sizes. These toys can be stacked, made into balance toys, or used as building blocks, such as tunnels, bridges, caves, and others. The Wooden Toy Car with Peg Dolls consists of a toy car and two dolls of different sizes. The Wooden Bread Set is in the form of an imitation bread toy that has a split in the middle. These toys can hone imagination, creativity, logic, and fine motor skills, as well as social and language skills, especially when children play roles with friends or their parents.

Littlemonq as a wooden toy brand realizes that trees are an important part of the world. Apart from ensuring that the wood raw materials they obtain are legal, well managed, and pay attention to forest sustainability, Littlemonq is also aware of the responsibility to return what they borrow from nature, by setting aside a portion of revenue from sales for the preservation of the earth. This is the basis for Littlemoq working with @lindungihutan to commit to participating in forest conservation through the #PlantwithLittlemonq campaign. As of the end of March 2022, this campaign has managed to collect donations of more than 1,000 trees. Littlemonq’s products have also penetrated overseas markets where overseas consumers constitute 70% of the total consumers. Littlemonq already has resellers in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, and also in Indonesia.

So it can be said that the toys produced by Littlemonq from
Indonesia are safe, comfortable, and fun for active children who learn every
day. To get more information about Littlemonq’s Indonesian Wooden Toys, please
visit the website