Primaduta Award as an Appreciation Event for Loyal Indonesian Products Importers

The Primaduta Award holds a special place in the hearts of importers who have tirelessly promoted Indonesian products in their respective countries. Established in 1996, this annual award, named after the Indonesian word for “excellent” or “outstanding,” is bestowed by the Indonesian government to honor foreign importers who have made remarkable contributions to promoting and selling Indonesian goods in their respective countries. It serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication and hard work, while simultaneously creating a broader awareness of Indonesian products and culture worldwide.

This prestigious accolade recognizes importers who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to showcase Indonesian products through various channels. These dedicated individuals have played a vital role by providing valuable market insights and information to Indonesian exporters. Some of the benefits experienced by these companies are that they might collaborate and be supported in various means by the Indonesian government to strengthen their business with Indonesian companies.


In 2022, the distinguished recipient of the Primaduta Award from Italy was Balibali Srl, a company that has been importing Indonesian handicrafts and textiles to Italy for over two decades. Through their extensive efforts, Balibali Srl has not only fostered a greater appreciation for Indonesian culture and heritage but has also played a pivotal role in raising awareness of Indonesian products within Italy.

Over the past years, Europe has seen notable winners of the Primaduta Award, demonstrating their dedication to promoting Indonesian goods. In 2021, Julie & Grace GmbH from Germany received this esteemed recognition, while C.J. Van Der Plas B.V. from the Netherlands claimed the honor in 2020. Bambu Design, an Italian company that imported furniture also received this award in 2018. 


In the year 2023, the Primaduta Award will encompass eight categories to honor exceptional importers, including those who have excelled in promoting Indonesian products, providing services, digital trade, supporting exports through diaspora networks, importing products from small and medium-sized enterprises, importing halal products and Muslim fashion, as well as representatives supporting Indonesian exports. This award aims to express gratitude towards loyal importers of Indonesian products, fostering continued trade cooperation between nations through bilateral trade. Furthermore, it serves as undeniable proof of their diligence and dedication, which has significantly contributed to the growth of entrepreneurship among Indonesian business people. 

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