The uniqueness of Indonesian coffee attracts attention at the World of Coffee Athens 2023

The World of Coffee (WoC) in Athens is a trade fair dedicated exclusively to the global coffee industry and the world’s specialty coffee community and is the largest specialty coffee exhibition in Europe. This exhibition was initiated by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) which is a membership-based non-profit organization that represents thousands of international coffee professionals. The association’s goal is to foster a global community and improve the quality, sustainability, profitability and equity of the specialty coffee supply chain.

In 2022, the World of Coffee (WoC) exhibition was held in Milan, Italy, while in 2023 it was held at the Athens Metropolitan Expo on June 22 – 24 2023. WoC 2023 managed to bring in more than 10,000 professional visitors attended by 416 exhibitors from 130 countries in this world. Not only that, WoC also displays the coffee industry for the HoReCa sector (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering). WoC 2023 is not only the largest specialty coffee trade show, but also a festival of product and design innovation and learning about world coffee insights. This is because the WoC 2023 exhibition will also hold various events, namely world coffee championships (Barista, Brewer, Cup Tester, and Cezve/Ibrik), lectures and workshops, green coffee buyer and seller programs, tasting rooms, roaster villages, and awards for design. best coffee product.


Indonesia’s participation in the World of Coffee Athens 2023 is a form of synergy between the Directorate General of National Export Development and ITPC Budapest, ITPC Milan and Bank Indonesia (BI). The Indonesian Pavilion presented a 108 m2 exhibition with the theme “Toraja” by collaborating with 10 (ten) selected coffee entrepreneurs from Indonesia. There are 7 (seven) companies curated jointly by the Directorate General of National Export Development with ITPC Budapest and ITPC Milan including PT Sabani Internasional, PT Meukat Komuditi Gayo, PT Ihtiyeri Keti Ara, CV Java Halu, Producers Cooperative Arinagata, PT Iceh Agro Indonesia, PT Commodities Source Indonesia , as well as 3 (three) BI-assisted business actors, namely KBQ Baburrayan Cooperative, Koerintji Barokah Bersama Cooperative and Ramdan Uma Coffee.

On the first day of the exhibition opening, the Indonesian Pavilion presented dance and ribbon cutting as a symbolic event. Business actors say that WoC is an international coffee promotion program that is very much needed to encourage recognition of the specific and unique character of Indonesian coffee in the world, especially Europe. The Indonesian Pavilion also introduces its coffee products by means of coffee cupping which is carried out 2 (two) times a day in the morning and evening, which are held alternately by UKM participants assisted by baristas from Indonesia.


During the 3 (three) days of the exhibition, the Indonesian pavilion managed to record transactions of US$20.36 million and there is still the potential to increase because until the end of the exhibition, the Indonesian pavilion participants continued to conduct exploratory and business meetings with professional buyers. The type of coffee that has received the most attention is the Robusta green bean from potential buyers, most of whom come from European and Middle Eastern countries.

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