Discover the Variety of Creativity from Indonesian Designers at Salone Satellite 2023

The Salone Satellite event is an international design event for young designers under the age of 35 to prepare them to face the market and facilitate relationships between designers and companies. In the 2023 edition, the event will be held from 18 – 23 April 2023 and will highlight more products in the categories of classic style, design style, and Lux style. This event will present experimental projects by designers with the concept of environmental awareness, using durable, natural, or reclaimed materials, so that they can become sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. Overall, the event will gather 1962 exhibitors, more than 550 young talents, and 27 design schools.

Designers from Indonesia also showcased their creativity at the Salone Satellite 2023 event. For the second time, Studio Hendro Hadinata had the opportunity to attend and present a project with the theme “Material of Interest”. This theme is the meaning of 5 different raw materials such as recycled glass, woven metal, stone carving, recycled wood, and plastic.

There were 11 Indonesian products on display at this event including the kawung batik by adapting from the circular Kawung idea into metal cloth made by rural craftsmen from East Nusa Tenggara. The Eve Pendant Lamp is made using a woven metal technique from the culture of Sumba Island which originates from the story of the origin of Adam and Eve. The Bryo Pendant Lamp has the meaning of being able to awaken a connection back to the warmest place in life. The Bryo Table Lamp features an arrangement of materials covered by a net, then hung with stainless, copper, or brass strips. The Sculpture Object featuring Bryo’s metal in an infinite loop and graceful mesh structure, the Lore Lindu Table Lamp is crowned with a recycled glass ball that casts light through numerous bubbles. Block Candle Holders are made from unused materials sourced from the local environment around Bali which are melted down into quadrate shapes. The Bentar Table Lamp is a product of collaboration with Robbries with the concept of a split gate (gapura) and Candi Bentar. The Plank Chair is a collaborative product with EVERY Collection which is inspired by the concept of warteg cultural objects made by carving. Uni Side Table is a contemporary furniture object made with hand-woven metal techniques from Sumba Island, CARIA Artisan Laminates is one of the products from CARIA Design which is a local community effort from Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatra. The eleven products are the result of product exploration in collaboration with craftsmen from several regions in Indonesia.

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