Papua and Banjarmasin Offer Original Touches to the International Fashion Scene in Milan

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, artistic touches from various cultures around the globe often serve as a source of inspiration. Among the cities representing heritage and uniqueness are Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan and the province of Papua in the easternmost part of Indonesia. Both, with their rich cultural wealth and strong traditions, have made a significant impact on the international fashion scene, particularly in the fashion capital and world trendsetter, Milan, Italy. The Indonesia Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) Milan also plays a crucial role in introducing this cultural richness.

Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, is known for its abundant natural wealth, including numerous rivers that traverse the region, earning it the nickname “City of a Thousand Rivers.” According to BPS, there are at least 102 rivers in the area, including the Barito River, Martapura River, and Alalak River. Meanwhile, Papua, as the easternmost province in Indonesia, is rich in natural resources, especially in the mining and oil and gas sectors. In addition to abundant natural wealth, both Banjarmasin and Papua also boast diverse ethnicities and cultural diversity, offering limitless inspiration for designers.


On October 7, 2023, Indonesian designers made a splash in Milan at the A Thousand Masterpiece of Art in Motion event held at Garden Senato, Milan, Italy. The event was organized by Seven Star Production, supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, KBRI Rome, ITPC Milan, APPSI, and Vintage Delirium.

There were 8 presentations by Papua designers in this event, including Eunike Yunita, Jenita Hilapok, Ezterlin Baranzano, Jenae Marien, Lusy Sampary Umpora, Alfianty Mandosir, Yan Fredrik Pepuho, and Antika Cinta. Similarly, Banjarmasin showcased designs by Katherine Ambasari, Fahmi Refa, Ariy Arka, Sandi Agustinus, and Indah Darry. Additionally, the event was complemented by Papua batik by Jimmy Afaar and the presence of Banjarmasin’s team and designers in Milan to introduce their distinctive fabric, Sasirangan. All the showcased fashion items contained the cultural richness of Papua and Banjarmasin but with a modern design touch. The rich and trendy combination in the presented fashion items could harmoniously compete with global fashion products.


Not only in fashion products, but the Papua team also held meetings with business associations in Italy. This included the promotion of food and crafts through a “Pop-up store” and art and music performances. The art and music performances included appearances by Cahayadi Kam, who had previously won a singing competition in Italy with the song “Together Now,” talented singer from Papua, Sonya Margaretha Bara, and a unique performance by Mesakh Frans Rumbino using a comb and plastic to produce saxophone-like sounds, having previously performed on the national jazz stage. International journalists, entrepreneurs, activists, and fashion enthusiasts in Milan welcomed this with enthusiasm and admiration, and they were seen buying the showcased craft products.

The participation of Banjarmasin and Papua on the Milan fashion stage has positioned them as invaluable sources of inspiration in the international fashion industry. The original and authentic touches offered by both, in collaboration with ITPC Milan, have enriched the global fashion stage with unique cultural wealth. Through this collaboration, Papua and Banjarmasin have also opened the door to innovative collaborations and paved the way for economic and investment opportunities, considering the high potential of Papua and Banjarmasin that is yet to be fully tapped.

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