ITPC Milan Supports Indonesian Furniture Export Through Host Milano 2023

In 2023, fieramilano hosted one of the prestigious exhibitions worldwide, namely Host Milano. Host Milano is an international exhibition dedicated to the hospitality sector, taking place from October 13-17, 2023. Held every two years, the exhibition offers everything needed to build a successful business, from raw materials to semi-finished products, from machinery to equipment, from furniture to tableware, with a central focus on trends, technology, and innovation. Moreover, the exhibition provides a golden opportunity for business players to establish global partnerships.


The Indonesia Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) Milan, as part of the Indonesia Trade Promotion Centre worldwide, plays a crucial role in supporting the promotion and export of Indonesian products to Italy. In this context, the participation of ITPC Milan at Host Milano is significant as it provides a platform for the furniture products marketed by Bambu Design to expand their footprint in the international market.

Bambu Design is a leading company that focuses on importing and distributing various Indonesian products, including modern ethnic furniture made from bamboo, teak wood, Indian rosewood, rattan, cedar, water hyacinth, and more. Offering a variety of modular furniture, furniture accessories, lighting, and more. Their products not only reflect the beauty of Indonesian design but also emphasize sustainability and environmental friendliness. This has helped differentiate Indonesian furniture products in the global market and attract environmentally conscious consumers, providing solutions to enhance the sustainability of the furniture industry as a whole.


Host Milano is not just a trade show but also a center for innovation, inspiration, and business meetings for the global hospitality industry. Furthermore, it is a golden opportunity for importers and distributors like Bambu Design to connect with potential buyers and expand market reach. The support from ITPC Milan signifies significant steps taken to ensure that Indonesian furniture can reach the global stage and become the preferred choice for consumers seeking a combination of exclusive design and environmental responsibility.

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