Indonesia Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) Milan Enhances Export Market Access Through Go International: La fiera dei servizi per l’export


The economic growth of a country is inseparable from the role of international trade. In an effort to expand markets and boost exports, many countries organize various trade exhibitions, one of which is Go International: La Fiera dei Servizi per l’Export. This exhibition is a showcase of export support services and international organizations organized by AICE (Italian Association of Foreign Trade) on October 11-12, 2023, at Allianz Mico, Via Gattamelata, Milan. The purpose of this exhibition is to provide opportunities for exhibitors to establish business relationships and explore the potential of cross-border trade. In 2023, the exhibition is attended by more than 100 exhibitors, including the Indonesia Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) Milan.


The Indonesia Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) Milan is the official representative of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia based in Milan, Italy. The participation of ITPC Milan as an exhibitor in this exhibition aims to expand its business network and introduce ITPC Milan’s services to international organizations in Italy. These services include promoting Indonesian products through social media, providing information about the best and credible Indonesian suppliers, offering a database of Indonesian products, and exchanging information with government agencies, associations, and chambers of commerce. Through these diverse services, ITPC Milan is ready to assist you in finding the best trade solutions with Indonesia and providing necessary information to penetrate the Italian market.

The active participation of ITPC Milan is not only as a representative of Indonesian trade in Europe but also as a bridge to build strong economic cooperation between Indonesia and Italy. With this exhibition, Indonesia is not only striving to increase its export volume but also to build sustainable business partnerships. Additionally, Indonesia and Italy can establish beneficial partnerships, cultural exchanges, open new opportunities, and unite economic forces. This can be a strategic step and a key to building a future of sustainable and mutually beneficial trade.

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