What is ITPC Milan?

ITPC (Indonesian Trade Promotion Center) Milan is the official representation of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia and works directly under the Directorate General of National Export Development. 

Since its foundation in March 2008 the ITPC has promoted and marketed Indonesian products all over Italy.

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What does Indonesia export to Italy? (2017,2018,2019)

In 2019, Indonesia exported $2B to Italy. The main products that Indonesia exported to Italy are Palm Oil ($512M), Large Flat-Rolled Stainless Steel ($210M), and Stearic Acid ($113M). During the last 24 years the exports of Indonesia to Italy have increased at an annualized rate of 3.09%, from $964M in 1995 to $2B in 2019.

What does Indonesia import from Italy? (2017, 2018, 2019)

In 2019, Indonesia imported $1.63B from Italy. The main products are Gas Turbines ($141M), Washing and Bottling Machines ($94.8M), and Electric Generating Sets ($76.1M). During the last 24 years, the imports of Indonesia from Italy have increased at an annualized rate of 2.97%, from $809M in 1995 to $1.63B in 2019.

Indonesia's product with potential to Italy

Aside from vegetable oils and fats, The products with greatest export potential from Indonesia to Italy are Ferrous metals, Paper products, and Apparel. Paper products shows the largest absolute difference between potential and actual exports in value terms, leaving room to realize additional exports worth $179.9 mn

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