Wardah, Martha Tilaar Group and PT AVO Innovation Technology as Cruelty-Free Pioneers in Indonesia Beauty Industry

In this modern era, awareness of the importance of protecting the environment is increasing, including in the beauty industry. Recently, a term has been coined in the beauty industry, sustainable beauty. This term refers to products that are safe to use for humans, environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Some cosmetic brands such as Wardah, Martha Tilaar, Avoskin, Looké Cosmetics, Lacoco en Nature, Oasea Laboratories, and Glow Better from Indonesia have taken big steps in this regard.


Wardah, a halal cosmetic brand from Indonesia that was established in 1995, is known for promoting sustainability values in its products. As a brand that wants to continue to be a driving force by bringing benefits and spreading the value of usefulness, Wardah consistently makes halal products that are cruelty-free, no animal testing, pay attention to the disposal of production waste, low energy consumption, ensure there are no harmful ingredients for consumers and even have special recycling machines to reduce negative impacts on the environment. This is in line with Milan, which is known as the world’s fashion center and also a city that does many things that are environmentally friendly.

Not only producing beauty and herbal products that are in demand by the market, Martha Tilaar Group has developed a green science concept to be applied in one of the company’s pillars, PT Martina Berto Tbk. Green Science is an application of environmentally friendly thinking from various sciences that study global warming, pollution and other impacts on nature and the earth and all activities to overcome it. Researchers who are members of Martha Tilaar Innovation Center (MTIC) are committed to apply this concept in every activity that includes several things such as research on natural ingredients, especially Indonesian plants, the use of raw materials according to regulations and meet applicable regulations, not using animals as test subjects and the use of minimalist packaging design with environmentally friendly materials. With this in mind, Martha Tilaar Organic Renewage Solutions has created and developed products for the eco-friendly organic cosmetics category.

Besides Wardah and Martha Tilaar Group, PT Avo Innovation Technology also produces natural beauty products from the best ingredients from nature and uses the most advanced science and technology while maintaining biodiversity. Some of the beauty brands produced by PT Avo Innovation Technology include Avoskin, Looké Cosmetics, Lacoco en Nature, Oasea Laboratories, and Glow Better. Avoskin in creating products, always prioritizes natural ingredients, uses recycled packaging and runs CSR programs on environmental conservation. Looké Cosmetics is a local Indonesian brand that cares about health and environmental issues by prioritizing 100% vegan, 100% cruelty-free and halal ingredients. Lacoco and Glow Better are formulated with high quality natural ingredients. In addition to using natural ingredients, Oasea Laboratories in producing its products uses packaging that is clean, ethical, and responsible for the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Milan, Italy is not only known as the capital of fashion and design, but also as a place that is increasingly concerned with sustainability. As the host of numerous fashion events and international exhibitions, Milan has played an important role in inspiring the beauty industry to focus on environmental responsibility. The spirit of innovation, design and beauty that Milan exudes is visibly reflected in the sustainability measures taken by Wardah, Martha Tilaar Group and PT Avo Innovation Technology. Thus, the combination can not only bring direct benefits to consumers, but also create a positive impact on a larger scale for the environment as well as the world of fashion and creative industries in Milan, Italy.

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