Get to know Indonesian Traditional Spa

One of the ancestral cultural heritage of Indonesia’s ancestors there is a Spa to treat the body which is still being preserved. Spa itself comes from the Latin “solus per aqua” which is activities related to water or can be interpreted as water therapy. Spas in Indonesia are very diverse, but the most famous ones are Bali Spa and Javanese Spa.

Bali Spa is one of the traditional massage treatments that are in great demand by foreign tourists when they come to visit Indonesia. Bali spa is considered to have its own charm and characteristics with other traditional Indonesian treatments. The characteristic lies in the ritual process before carrying out the treatment. On the island of Bali, you will find many spiritual healing centers, where by doing Bali Spa therapy it is hoped that you can heal all diseases from within yourself. Whereas Javanese spa It is also one of the most popular spas in Indonesia, which offers traditional massages that have been passed down from generation to generation from the culture of their ancestors. At that time the traditional spa was used by the kings and the royal family for treatment. The thing that distinguishes Javanese spa from other traditional spa types is the location of the service which pays great attention to ethics and customer comfort. Javanese spa treatments are in great demand because they are believed to relax muscles. 

There are some Spices for Spa, including Ginger which contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which help control the aging process. Besides being used for spa basic ingredients, ginger is also believed to be good and safe for the body if consumed. Then there is the turmeric spice ingredient which is used for traditional Indonesian spa needs. The usefulness of turmeric is that it can increase endurance which contains anti-catarrhal substances, curcumin substances that function as anti-oxidants in the body. There is also Cinnamon which functions very similar to the insulin content in the body which has an important role in controlling blood sugar levels. While the Nutmeg spice contains very diverse benefits for the body, namely maintaining brain health, overcoming digestive problems, maintaining oral health, overcoming insomnia, removing toxins in the body, maintaining healthy skin, reducing blood pressure, and many other benefits. Pepper is believed to relieve breathing, help prevent cancer, lower blood sugar, relieve arthritis, good for brain health, help lower cholesterol, prevent stomach disorders, prevent damage to body cells, maintain heart health, help absorb nutrients.

Spa can be done by soaking in warm water for approximately 20 minutes at a temperature of 40 degrees by doing certain heating movements can help relieve pain in the body. Sitting in a spa bath or warm water for a certain period of time on a regular basis can lower blood pressure. It is highly recommended for people with hypertension. In people with headaches such as migraines and so on, soaking in warm water with the head in a relaxed position can reduce pain. Spas with warm baths using spices can also be trusted to help reduce diabetes, reduce glucose levels in the body, relieve stress if done regularly. Spa serves to maintain physical and mental health, opening the pores so that it can clean the remaining toxins in the body. To find out and try a traditional Indonesian spa, we invite you to attend the event held by ITPC Milan, namely the Dell’ Oriente Festival which takes place at Fiera Roma, on 23-25 ​​April 2022.