Coconut Plants Generate High Economic Value

Coconut is known for its various uses, ranging from food, household utensils, handicrafts, to cosmetics. Coconut is a plant that is used almost all of its parts by humans, so it is considered a versatile plant. The meaning of the word coconut (or coconut, in English), can refer to the whole coconut tree, seeds, or fruit which are botanically a type of fruiting tree.

Coconut plants and their derivative products are one of Indonesia’s mainstay commodities. Since 2012 Indonesia has been the largest supplier country for processed copra products such as crude and processed coconut oil. Coconut Production Indonesia occupies the position of the largest coconut producer in the world with a total production of 183 million tons per year in 2018. There are several coconut products and their processed products that are exported by Indonesia, including: Coconut Flour / desiccated coconut (Desiccated Coconut), Fresh Coconut and its processed products. (example: coconut milk powder), Crude Coconut Oil (CCO), Coconut Oil and its derivatives, whether or not purified (example: coconut cooking oil, Virgin Coconut Oil / VCO), jam, jelly, marmalades, puree or cooked fruit paste (example: nata de coco), unfermented fruit juice, not containing alcohol or other fruit mixtures (example: liquid coconut milk). Processed fresh coconuts such as Desiccated Coconut (dried coconut/coconut flour) and Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) are widely needed in the manufacture of various foods and various body care products. In addition to industrial needs, restaurant and retail businesses also need various other processed coconut products such as coconut milk, coconut cooking oil and coconut juice products (nata de coco).

Not only that, there are many other parts of the coconut tree that can be used in everyday life. Processed from the coconut part can also be used as an Indonesian export commodity. One of them is the dried leaf stalks called sticks, which are then gathered together to form a broom, which can be used as household goods. And there are parts of the shell or shell that are used as fuel, raw materials for various handicrafts such as substitutes for dippers, food and drink containers as well as home decorations.