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1702 – Sugar – PT Star Coco Indonesia

PT Star Coco Indonesia
Menara Cakrawala 12th Floor Unit 05A, Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 9, Jakarta Pusat 10340, Indonesia
Product : Organic Coconut Sugar
Phone : +6285100655066
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Our Organic Coconut Sugar is made from 100% fresh coconut sap that is obtained by tapping the sweet watery sap that drips from cut flowers buds of coconut trees.
It is unrefined, minimally processed, unbleached, gluten free, vegan friendly, has no additives, no preservatives, and no artificial colours. Available in powder and syrup forms. They are USDA Organic, EU, HACCP, Fair Trade and Kosher certified.

Coconut Sugar has lower Glycemic Index, a better substitute for sugars in food and beverage manufacturing including confectionaries, chocolatiers, Ice Cream and Yogurt makers.


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