Meet the Taste of Indonesia in Italy

Indonesia besides being famous for its panoramic natural beauty, is also known as a country rich in spices. The taste of Indonesian food and drink is deeply embedded in the hearts of culinary connoisseurs, both domestic and foreign tourists who come to Indonesia. In Italy itself there are several restaurants serving Indonesian specialties. This is of course very helpful for culinary lovers who miss the taste of Indonesian cuisine.

In the Turin area of Italy, at San Francesco da Paola 9 to be precise, there is an Indonesian restaurant called Restoran Cinta Rasa Indonesia Torino. This restaurant was founded by professionals where they consider themselves one big family with the same vision. The motivation of the founder of the Cinta Rasa restaurant is the dedication and strength of Cinta Raza, which in Indonesian means “love of taste”. For them Indonesian cuisine is one of the most unique, diverse and special cuisines. The spices used are locally produced especially from the Maluku region and are used to flavor all the main dishes of Indonesian cuisine. Coconut milk is also one of the most widely used ingredients for cooking rice. In Indonesia there are 5 different cooking methods for preparing food, including frying, baking, sautéing, boiling and steaming. This method is also used by Cinta Rasa Restaurant when preparing its basic food ingredients which use rice, fresh vegetables, fish and meat, with an extraordinary choice of exotic spices. Cinta Rasa Indonesia Restaurant also has a feature in the processing of its dishes. With vegetarian and vegan menu options on the menu, it is certain that Cinta Rasa Restaurant maintains food that is rich in nutrients and easy to digest. Having another feature of cooking with steam, Cinta Rasa Restaurant keeps the food structure unchanged, this means it is devoted to vegetable ingredients so that the texture of the food doesn’t become too soft. Cinta Rasa Indonesia restaurant has also received an award for the best wine list in the ethnic fusion category at Milan Wine Week. This is an important award for Cinta Rasa Restaurant which can prove their concern and concern for 360 degree quality.

It’s different with Warung Jawa, a unique restaurant in Italy that offers a variety of Indonesian specialties. This restaurant, which is located in an alley corner near the Po River, in the city of Turin, serves its customers more with a “Take Away Service”. This newly established restaurant is not big, but it is quite comfortable with pictures of menus such as soto, satay and rendang displayed on the white painted walls. Pietro, who is a native of Turin, is the name of the owner of the Warung Jawa restaurant. He was inspired to set up an Indonesian-style restaurant from his wife, Dewi, who comes from Central Java. Pietro had worked as a pizza chef in Bali for several years before finally deciding to return to Italy. Warung Jawa does not only provide Indonesian specialties, here the buyers are also presented with a wide selection of original Indonesian packaged products imported directly to Italy. Be it Bintang Beer, herbal powders such as tamarind turmeric and ginger, packaged drinks such as green bean extract and even bottled tea. Warung Jawa also provides desserts in the form of sweet pastries. Indonesian special processed chili sauce packaged in glass jars is also very popular with Warung Jawa customers. Warung Jawa offers so many menus and choices, so culinary lovers who long for the taste of Indonesian cuisine can enjoy a variety of Indonesian specialties.

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