Garut Leather Industry Shines on the World Stage Through Lineapelle Leather Fair 2023

Every year, the leather and fashion industry witnesses exhibitions that inspire and change the course of its development. One of the leading events that takes center stage for fashion professionals and lovers is Lineapelle which takes place from September 19-21 at Fiera Milano Rho, Italy. Lineapelle is an international exhibition in Europe that showcases products related to leather, accessories, components, synthetic materials, and textiles for the manufacture of shoes, bags, belts, jackets and clothing as well as a variety of other products. This year, 2023, brings good news, especially for the Garut leather industry. Garut, located in Indonesia, has made a name for itself in the leather world for the second time and its participation in this year’s Lineapelle is a monumental step towards the world stage.

Garut Regency, known as the “Swiss van Java”, is not only known for its natural beauty but also for its thriving leather industry. One of the areas in Garut that is famous for its leather crafts is the Sukaregang area. The leather craft industry in Sukaregang has been going on since around the 1970s. Garut leather has long been recognized for its superior quality and stunning smoothness. At Lineapelle 2023, Garut positioned itself as a key player in this industry by showcasing Garut shoes and bags.

Garut’s participation at Lineapelle Leather Fair 2023 was not only about showcasing its traditions, but also expressing its innovative capabilities. The unique and original designs of Garut leather products received positive attention at Lineapelle. The use of natural colors distinctive patterns, and advanced processing techniques have made Garut products an idol in the eyes of global buyers. This provides a huge opportunity for Garut industry players to establish new partnerships and open the door to international markets. This proves that Garut can bring together tradition and innovation to create dazzling leather art.

Garut also emphasizes its commitment to sustainability through eco-friendly leather production. In an era where awareness of industry’s impact on the environment is on the rise, Garut has become a pioneer in embracing more sustainable practices. This not only wins over environmentally conscious consumers, but also ensures a more sustainable future for the leather industry.

With its undeniable charm and dedication to quality and sustainability, Garut has earned its place on the world stage through Lineapelle 2023. Not only as a producer of superior leather, but also as a trend-setter in the global fashion world. In the end, Garut has proven that true beauty lies in skill, innovation, and commitment to a better future.

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