Explore Mercante in Fiera di Parma, Italy’s Largest Antique Market Festival

In the center of a city as rich in history and art as Parma, there is an annual event that is a magnet for antique lovers and collectors from all over the world, the Mercante in Fiera exhibition. It is one of Italy’s largest antique fairs, attracting visitors with its unique collections and historic atmosphere from September 30 – October 8, 2023 at Fiere di Parma. There are 2 editions of the Mercante in Fiera fair a year, a spring edition and an autumn edition, and more than 1000 organizers from all over Europe showcase their best antiques and collectibles to a public made up of professional visitors, collectors and memorabilia hunters. This edition of Mercante in Fiera is for the fall edition.

Mercante in Fiera has deep roots in Italian history. First organized in 1982 in Parma, it has since grown rapidly and become one of the most anticipated annual events among collectors and art lovers. In addition, the target audience in 2023 will be visitors looking for items or valuables but also looking for unique offerings, collectors, photography experts, designers, and architects looking for collectibles of all ages and styles. With this, Mercante in Fiera is not only a place to buy and sell antiques, but also a stage for meetings and exchange of ideas among the collector community.

The fair is known for the variety of valuable antiques on offer, ranging from furniture, jewelry, vintage clothing, paintings and so on. Vendors bring items that are tens to hundreds of years old, exuding beauty and deep historical value. During the fair, visitors can experience an authentic journey through time, moving between interior components, artwork, jewelry, furniture, and vintage experiences, providing an opportunity for visitors to deepen their knowledge of the world of collectibles.

In this edition of the Mercante in Fiera exhibition, Indonesia Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Milan participated by supporting the importer of Indonesian products in Italy, Teak Furniture based in Parma. For more than 20 years, Teak Furniture has been importing from Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, for furniture accessories, teak furniture, leather bags, and semi-precious stones that can be used to make custom-made jewelry according to customer specifications. Currently, Teak Furniture is also adding to its collection with Batik kimono dresses under the brand “Gayakami” made by MSME artisans in Indonesia.

In addition, Fidenza-based Teak Furniture was featured in Casantica magazine, featuring chairs made by Indonesian craftsmen.

Have an unforgettable shopping experience, discovering unique rare items while enjoying the beautiful city of Parma. Don’t miss the chance to visit one of the largest antique fairs in Italy!

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