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9404 – Mattress supports – Nusa Cotton

Nusa Cotton
Kireina Park, Jalan Kireina 7, Blok B9, No. 5, Nusaloka, Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang, Banten
Product : Bed sheet
Phone : +6281398616737
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Nusacotton is an Indonesian company, supplying luxurious bedsheets at unmatched prices around the globe.

We started the business with a pure intention not only to serve the best materials with the best prices to customers but also to create a long-term partnership with our clients through our strong commitment and professionalism.

The NusaCotton quality supplies Bedsheet that’s made of a perfect blend of premium material with Indonesian best cotton to bring the best quality of the bedsheets.

With this selective material combination, the quality fits tropical and nontropical countries. Soft yet strong, comfortable over time, durable, stain, and wrinkle-resistant, light and breathable, easy to care that will pamper the bed with the Best.


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