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9403 – furniture and parts thereof – PT. Matahari Sinar Bahagia

PT. Matahari Sinar Bahagia
JL. Gudang minyak no. 136A kelurahan kemboja tanjungpinang barat kepulauan riau
Product : Rattan Craft & Furniture
Phone : +6281374696393
Email :

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Company Vision
Become a Trading Company with the best service
Company Mision
Building a Trading business oriented to customer satisfaction.
Busiess Philosiphy
Focus on consumers
Companies to build a commitment to focus onserve customers with best efforts.
The company places professional competenceleaders and employees.
The company is positioning itself to be readycompete in quality and various otherscommercial aspects
efficiently (in terms of cost) andeffective (efficient and effective) withcompetitors in the field.
Companies participate at the local level fordevelop self-reliance and household views to buildpartnerships
with other small businessesmedia to play a role in the community’s economydevelopment


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