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9403 – furniture and parts thereof – An nyaman

An nyaman
Jl.liontin c6/no.11 cirebon
Product : Rattan Furniture
Phone : +6287719133547
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We proudly introduce about us as IndoFurnitan rattan production, a leading exporter and manufacturer of rattan and natural fibers furniture under IndoFurnitan Group.

Trying to always improve and develop, Indofurnitan presents the Rattan division to cope the buyers’ requirements for rattan and other natural fibers furniture. Lies in the heart of West Java, in a town called Cirebon, we have always been trying to improve our quality to meet your satisfaction by involving skilled craftsmen, tight quality control and other reliable services.

Our specialty covers armchair, dining chair, table, sofa, kids furniture, pet furniture and many miscellaneous items made only from qualified materials of rattan furniture and skilled craftsmen.


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