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Jalan Supriyadi Perum Graha Timur Blok 12 No 20B, Kecamatan Purwokerto Timur, Kabupaten Banyumas, Provinsi Jawa Tengah
Product : Coco Fiber & Coco Brush Fibre
Phone : +6287871917799
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Uba Uhud International ( UUI ) Established on November 20, 2020, UUI started as a farmer and producer who also supplies agricultural/plantation products such as Cocopeat, Cocofiber & Bristle Fibre (Coco Brush Fibre) by serving the needs of the global business market.

Currently, PT. Uba Uhud International has grown and is committed to becoming a large producer with a large production capacity. we are able to supply ordered products with large quantities and the best quality is also able to compete with other countries

UUI Prioritizing integrity and high commitment to Fulfilling increasing Market needs.

Cocopeat, Cocofiber & Bristle Fibre (Coco Brush Fibre) , PT. Uba Uhud International always provides services with the best quality and competitive prices. For now our clients come from all walks of life, from individuals to companies.

The service we propose refers to the client’s desired needs, starting from. Providing clients’ needs in the scope of agriculture and plantations so that we have several products such as Cocopeat, Cocofiber & Bristle Fibre (Coco Brush Fibre). With our service system, we have successfully helped hundreds of clients with different needs.



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