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4402 – Wood charcoal – PT Sabri Agro International

PT Sabri Agro International
Jl. DR. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung, RT.5/RW.2, Kuningan, Kuningan Timur, Setiabudi Sub-District, South Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta Province, Postal Code 12950
Product : sabri cococha
Phone : +62816211430
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Sourced from the abundant coconut plantations of Sumatera Island, our raw material is matured, high-quality, and 100% natural coconut shell. Utilizing sophisticated agricultural technology, we transform these shells into premium briquette charcoal at our Sukabumi  (West Java) facility.

Our briquettes boast 100% high-quality and matured coconut shell content. Crafted with eco-friendly components, our charcoal is sulfur-free (0.0% sulfur), ensuring prolonged burning for up to 2 hours, depending on usage conditions. The meticulous manufacturing process results in odorless, smokeless, low ash content and spark-free charcoal. Its high density, achieved through precise pressing, guarantees a consistent, long-lasting burn.


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