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3301 – Essential oils – PT Perseorangan Mekaju Aroma Krispi

PT Perseorangan Mekaju Aroma Krispi
Bontobulaeng, Desa/Kel. Benteng Gattareng, Kec. Gantorang, Kab. Bulukumba, Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan
Product : Clove Leaf Oil (Mekaju Essential)
Phone : +6285998011146
Email :

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Clove Leaf Oil is an essential oil extracted from dried clove leaves. Our company produces pure clove leaf oil without mixing dry and dissolving other ingredients. This clove leaf oil commodity comes from South Sulawesi. Where the oil produced comes from the distillation steam process. Clove leaf oil has a yellow to pale yellow color, tends to have a strong and spicy aroma. The size of the clove leaf oil capacity produced is 20 tons in a month and has been certified as Analysis of Certification


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