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1702 – Sugar – PT Nala Gantari Harmoni

PT Nala Gantari Harmoni

Jalan Haji Yusuf Nomor 65, RT 01/RW 013, Kelurahan Paninggilan, Kecamatan Ciledug, Tangerang, Banten

Product: Coconut Sugar

No Hp: +6282226817038


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Organic Coconut Sugar made from Coconut Sap. 100% Organic

Granule Organic
Coconut Sugar
1. Water Content less than 2%
2. Granular Form Mesh 16-18
3. Shelf Life 2 years
4. 100% Organic
5. Yellow or red brown color
6. Sweet smell of sugar
7. 50 tons/month


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