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1702 – Sugar – PT Bumi Astar Indo

PT Bumi Astar Indo
Gerdu, Jetis, Kec. Jaten, Kabupaten Karanganyar, Jawa Tengah, 57731
Product : Coconut Sugar Organic
Phone : +6282134982929
Email :

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PT Bumi Astar Indo, Indonesia is a leading supplier of coconut products from Indonesia. We are a company engaged in the manufacture of various coconut products with high quality ingredients. We cultivate more than 1,700 hectares of coconut plantations & coconut farmers spread across several islands in Indonesia. our company has developed into a company that specializes in processing more coconut derivative products. (rbd coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, organic coconut sugar) and have served customers from all over the world and it has become our top priority to meet the satisfaction and expectations of our customers.


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