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1702 – Sugar – CV. Kalpa Sakara

CV. Kalpa Sakara
Dukuh Kedompon rt01, Rw 04 banjarsari, gombong, kebumen, central java
Product : Organic coconut Sugar & Organic Palm Sugar
Phone : +6285896101558
Email :

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We are the best factory that produces organic coconut sugar & organic palm sugar in bulk with traditional processes without a mixture of chemicals (free of metabisulfite) in Indonesia.Coconut sugar and palm sugar are made from coconut sap and palm tree sap that have been filtered first, then brought to a boil. Coconut sugar has a distinctive aroma and sweet taste that is lower than palm sugar. Palm sugar has a distinctive aroma, taste and sweet taste that is stronger than coconut sugar. The low fluctose content and low glycemic index levels make coconut sugar a better alternative sugar.


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