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1513 – Coconuts – PT. Matahari Sinar Bahagia

PT. Matahari Sinar Bahagia
JL. Gudang minyak no. 136A kelurahan kemboja tanjungpinang barat kepulauan riau
Product : Crude Coconut Oil
Phone : +6281374696393
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Our goal is to improve the welfare of Coconut farmers in Riau Island Province, by producing premium quality Coconut Oil in Indonesia. Coconut Oil Production is the Pride of our Company. Our Coconut Oil, has a close relationship with the tastes of our customers. With perfect processing and good packaging, To meet the needs of our customers, in faraway lands. We ensure strict standards and controls in the production of our Coconut Oil, as set by developed countries, to ensure the health and safety of its People. In just 1 year, our company has passed the test and test as a supplier of quality Coconut Oil all over the world.


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