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1513 – Coconuts – PT Coco Lombok Global

PT Coco Lombok Global
Jl. Gili Trawangan 1A, Mataram City, Indonesia
Product : Coconut Oil
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RBD Coconut Oil is refined oil that originally made from coconut meat (copra). People mostly use RBD Coconut Oil as frying oil or ingredients of other products. RBD Coconut Oil has more transparent color compare to other oils such as palm oil. Moreover, it has no strong scent which is suitable for the production of health care, cosmetics, and processed food. Furthermore, RBD coconut oil has triglyceride acids that are stable. The triglyceride acids will not trigger for cholesterol, but instead will produce energy. The lauric acid content is also beneficial to help people to lose their weight. In addition, RBD Coconut Oil has high smoke point which will  prevent foods to be over burnt shortly. Therefore, RBD Coconut Oil often be one of the best choices for industry to support their production due to its benefits.

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is a pure natural oil that is originally from coconut meat (copra). The production of Virgin Coconut Oil is different with RBD Coconut Oil. In the process of making  Virgin Coconut Oil, there is no any heat treatment involved. Virgin Coconut Oil contain fatty acids which are good for human body. It also has iron mineral and vitamin K that can prevent blood clotting. Vitamin E in Virgin Coconut Oil can be antioxidant to prevent cell damage from free radicals. Virgin Coconut Oil also contains lauric acids which are useful to increase body immune and destroy dangerous bacteria and viruses.


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