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1301 – Lac; natural gums, resins, gum resins and oleoresins – PT Caldera

PT Caldera
Bintaro Business Centre Jl. RC Veteran Raya No. 1-i, Bintaro Jakarta Selatan 12330, Indonesia
Product : Dammar Gum
Phone : +62217362639
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Dammar gum is the result of secretion (sap or gum) from the trees Shorea sp, Vatica sp, Dryobalanops sp, and others from the meranti-merantian tribe or Dipterocarpaceae. It includes cat’s eye and dark amber. Damar is used in the manufacture of matches (to prevent the fire from burning the wood too quickly), plastics, plaster, varnish, and lacquers. Damar gum is a triterpenoid resin, containing many triterpenes and their oxidation products. There are two other types of resin, apart from gum resin: Cat’s eye is a crystalline resin, usually in the form of round balls. Stones in the form of marbles, opaque colored resin collected from the ground.


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