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1213 - Cereal straw and husks, unprepared, whether or not chopped, ground, pressed or in the form of pellets - Prima Jasa Boga Sentosa

Prima Jasa Boga Sentosa
Jl. Lantana 2 Blok D. 2 No.23, RT.012/RW.013, Sepanjang Jaya, Kec.
Rawalumbu, Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17114, Desa/Kelurahan Sepanjangjaya, Kec. Rawalumbu, Kota Bekasi, Provinsi Jawa Barat, Kode Pos: 17114

Product : Rice Husk Pellete
Phone : +6281227789799
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A Rice husk pellet is a kind of biomass material pellet. It is made of rice husk or rice hull, which is the outer layer of the paddy grain.

Specifications :

1. Total Moisture: 7.8% As Received

2. Proximate Analysis ;

– Moisture in Analysis: 4.3% As Dried Based

– Ash Content: 17.8% As Dried Based

– Volatile Matter: 63.2% As Dried Based

– Fixed Carbon: 14.7% As Dried Based

3. Total Sulphur: 0.07% As Dried Based

4. Gross Calorific Value: 3664 Kcal/kg As Dried Based

5. Gross Calorific Value: 3530 Kcal/kg As Received