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0906 – Cinnamon and Cinnamon Tree Flowers – PT Folium Sumatra Nafie

PT Folium Sumatra Nafie
Talang Selungko, Kec. Bathin II Pelayang, Kabupaten Bungo, Jambi 37255
Product : Koerintji cassia cinnamon
Phone : +6285163207765
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Cinnamon or also known as Cassia is one of the most beneficial spices. Indonesia is the most and best producer of cinnamon in the world, especially on the Jangkat and Koerintji. Jangkat and Koerintji cinnamon is a variety of cassia cinnamon. Cassia Cinnamon is native to Indonesia and southern Asia. In fact, it is the variety with which most people in the U.S. are familiar. Indonesia is one of the main producers of cinnamon in the world. Much of the world’s korintje cinnamon is found in Western Sumatra, which is where it was first cultivated. 80 to 85% of cinnamon worldwide comes from the Jangkat region on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Jangkat cinnamon is known for its unrivaled quality, due to many factors including its high oil percentage. Cinnamon in Indonesia has various forms such as rolled, broken, and powdered. Most of Indonesia’s cinnamon exports (95%) are rolled and broken.


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