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0901 – Coffee – PT Anfasri Ganesha International

PT Anfasri Ganesha International
Jalan Inspeksi Kalimalang Bekas-Cibitung KM 22, Cibuntu Asam, Bekasi Regency, West Java
Product : Robusta Beans
Phone : +6281283333070
Email :

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Specifically, our coffee beans are included as robusta, which has a relatively bitter taste than another coffee beans. In general, our coffee beans are processed using natural processes. Our Robusta Lampung Greenbeans are specified as follows :
•Types of Product : Robusta
•Moisture : 10 – 13%
•Grades : All Grades
•Packaging : Jute Bag
•Quota : 20 Ton/month
•Lead Time : 1 Month
•Payment Terms : L/C or T/T


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