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0901 – Coffee – AGRO PREMI GROUP

Jalan AKBP H.M Amin Kelurahan 18 Ilir Kecamatan Ilir Timur 1 Kota Palembang ID 30121
Product : Green Coffee Beans
Phone : +6281274208281
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Premi coffe is one of the leading exporters of coffee products in Indonesia. At first our company was engaged in coffee plantations, where we became coffee suppliers to the Sumatran and Java markets. Furthermore, our company expanded to the international market with export coffee products to the rest of the world.

We manage more than 85,000 hectares of coffee plantations spread across three districts namely Muara Enim district, Lahat Regency, and Pagaralam City with abundant resources, we are committed to making the best quality to supply to the global market.

The management of coffee grading processed with suton den machines continues with skilled human resources to make our products with the highest quality expected by customers around the world.


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