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0805 – Citrus fruit, fresh or dried – PT Semesta Agro Indonesia

PT Semesta Agro Indonesia
Jalan Wiryosuparno No. 8, Kel. Teluk, Kec. Purwokerto Selatan, Kab. Banyumas, Prov. Jawa Tengah
Product : Lemons
Phone : 087860751356
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The price of local lemons is only around Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 15,000 per kilogram on the market. Seeing the potential for an abundance of local lemons and for helping local lemon farmers in the Banyumas area, made the establishment of PT Semesta Agro Indonesia hopes it can increase the price of local lemons by processing local lemon fruits into dried lemon and lemon extract.



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