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0709 – Other vegetables, fresh or chilled – UD Bumi Asia Sejahtera

UD Bumi Asia Sejahtera

Jalan Bougenvil no 35 Purwokerto Banyumas, Purwokerto, Jawa Tengah

Product: Banan Leaf

No Hp: +6281575703165



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BUMI ASIA SEJAHTERA is a manufacturer and exporter of organic based products. We provide banana leaves, organic coconut sugar, round bamboo tray, husk charcoal, and also cocofiber.

We work with local farmers, communities and business partners to create high quality products and ship them worldwide.

Our company is located in Central Java, Banyumas Regency. We really understand farmers and their culture. We are proud to have developed a sustainable organic product supply chain.


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