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0409 – Natural Honey – PT Folium Sumatra Nafie

PT Folium Sumatra Nafie
Talang Selungko, Kec. Bathin II Pelayang, Kabupaten Bungo, Jambi 37255
Product : Acacia Honey
Phone : +6285163207765
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Acacia Honey is the 5th Best Honey in the world. Synectic Acacia honey, specialized organic honey from Apis Mellifera bee, is derived purely from the nectar of the black locust acacia tree flowers, bearing a mildly sweet flavor, It is a pure, organic form of honey that hasn’t been processed, heated, or pasteurized in any way. The benefits and properties of Apis mellifera bee honey for human health have been known since ancient times. The natural chemistry of Acacia honey from bees, Apis mellifera, makes it an alchemical, nutritious, healthy, and rich product. This type of honey is very good for culinary applications, and can also be used for several medicinal purposes, due to the rich nutrients and antioxidants that it contains.


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