Introducing Indonesian Tropical Fruit To The World Through MACFRUT Exhibition

As an effort to boost Indonesian fruit exports penetration to Italy. The Indonesian Embassy in Rome through the functions of Trade Attaché and Agricultural Attache in collaboration with ITPC Milan participated in the MACFRUT 2021 exhibition which was held in the city of Termini on 7-8 September 2021.

The MACFRUT 2021 exhibition is the premier fruit and vegetable exhibition in Italy and the European Region. This exhibition covers various aspects of agriculture, from agricultural products in the form of fruits and vegetables to supporting aspects of the agricultural industry such as machining, processing and packaging of fruits and vegetables.

This exhibition is held in a hybrid manner (on-site and on-line). In 2020, the MACFRUT Exhibition will be held virtually where Indonesia also participates through two virtual booths.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Italy, Mrs. Esti Andayani, officially opened the 64 m2 Pavilion in Hall D1/11 Indonesian booth by ribbon cutting. The Ambassador also conveyed that this effort also brought together Indonesian business actors and potential partners from various countries to reach more concrete indications of trade agreements.

Indonesia presents 4 Indonesian exporters with the following details:

  1. Nusa Berdaya Indonesia, presented a variety of tropical fruits including Mangosteen, Dragon Fruit, Durian, Salak and Peeled Pete. The company managed to explore the potential of various buyers not only from Italy but also from other countries such as the UAE, Bahrain, Belarus and Serbia with a potential transaction value of up to 77 thousand Euros;
  2. Surya Elok Sejahtera, presented superior products Pineapple and several other tropical fruits. The company succeeded in exploring the potential of potential buyers from Italy and Saudi Arabia with a potential transaction value of up to 20 thousand Euros;
  3. Frootiful Natural Nusantara, presented a variety of packaged tropical fruit products (dried fruit), ready-to-cook packaged foods and coffee. The company has succeeded in exploring the potential of various Italian and other buyers such as Kenya, Lebanon, England and Belarus with a potential transaction value of up to 250 thousand Euros; and
  4. CFS International Market, an importing company in Italy, presented various variants of fresh herbs and herbal products. The company managed to explore the potential of several potential buyers from Italy, Tunisia, England, Saudi Arabia.

The total potential of the MACFRIT implementation from 7-9 September 2021 reaches 551 thousand Euros or around 9.3 billion Rupiah.


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