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9403 – furniture and parts thereof – Mekar Asih Rotan

Mekar Asih Rotan
Jalan Yudistira No. 91 Desa Karangasem – Plumbon Cirebon 45155 West Java – Indonesia
Product : Rattan Furniture
Phone : +62231322818
Email :

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We are CV. Mekar Asih Rattan – Cirebon-Indonesia, have evolved from our origin which was established in 1988. As a big company that has been exporting furniture rattan nature to many countries in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. The founder enterprise started its early trade in sub-contract production of rattan furniture and ware for exporters. After several years in this engagement, eventually direct exporting has been undertaken since 1997.

To follow our customer demand beside rattan nature, we have also put a good deal of energy and priorities toward using rattan synthetic in our products selection. With our flexibility to custom produce and with ability to custom stain and lacquer to match your color schemes, we can be your resourceful vendor if you are interested in flexibility, high turnover output, and budget.

Our experience has been developed over the years and our commitment to diversify materials insists our pursuit to satisfy customers. As a family-owned enterprise, we understand the need for straight-forward and friendly approach with customers. We are extremely confident that we will handle every thing for you with our utmost care and we will be favored with your valuable inquiries with the near future.

Our team ready to serve you with best service.


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