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Jl. Raya Politeknik, Perumahan Poligriya Permai Blok K No. 12, Desa/Kelurahan Buha, Kec. Mapanget, Kota Manado, Provinsi Sulawesi Utara, Kode Pos: 95252
Product : Cocopeat & Coco Fiber
Phone : +628124403080
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Hosana Coconut is a brand under PT. Hosana Agriculture Indonesia, Holding Company of PT. Agriture Global Indonesia. We are company that engaged in agricultural products located in Manado, near International port hub.

A coconut tree is a very useful plant, all parts of the coconut tree are useful, a source of food and drink, desiccated coconut, coconut sugar, charcoal briquettes, cocopeat, and cocofiber are products that are in great demand in the global market.
Indonesia is a major producer of coconut in the world. North Sulawesi Province is the best producer of coconut products.
The coconut tree is the official symbol of North Sulawesi Province.

Coco fiber, otherwise known as coco coir, is the natural coarse material obtained between the thick inside the shell. The other get from the outer coat of coconut fruits. This material is used to make various products such as floor mats, mattresses, doormats, brushes, rope, car seats, and many more.

Moisture : <14%
Impurities : < 5%
Fiber length : 10 – 25cm

Coco peat blocks are considered an ideal growing medium. The coco peat powder thus obtained is sieved, washed, dried and finally compressed into blocks. The blocks can be used for a wide range of planting requirements. Coir is known for its natural rooting hormones and anti-fungal properties.

Moisture : 10-15%
Particle Size : < 8mm
E. C : 0.5mS/cm
Compression : 1:5
pH : 5.5 – 6.5


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