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4402 – Wood charcoal – PT Kayangan Jagat Raya

Global Berkah Berjaya
Nusa Tamalanrea Indah Jl Mangga Blok PB 14
Product : Charcoal Briquette & Charcoal Shisa
Phone : +6285163638744
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PT Kayangan Jagat was established in 2014 as a coconut trading trader from farmers’ plantations in the Jembrana Regency, Bali Province. Furthermore, the granulated coconut is peeled, the peeled coconut is sent to the factory in Surabaya. We apologize for coconut skin as a raw material for charcoal, while the fiber is only used as a raw material for doormats, brooms, ropes and household utensils.

With the information from various media, that coconut fiber can be reprocessed into products that have economic value, namely: Coco Fiber and Coco Peat. In 2018, we tried to utilize the coconut fiber into Coco Fiber and Coco Peat. For 2 years of production for the local market, then in 2020, we are ready to serve the export market for Coco Fiber, Coco Peat, Charcoal Briquette Shisa and Charcoal Briquette BBQ.



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