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4402 – Wood charcoal – Perkakas Jogja

Perkakas Jogja
Jl. Desa Wisata Kertirejo, Selomartani, Kalasan, Yogyakarta 55571
Product : Wood Charcoal Briquette
Phone : +62274880229
Email :

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Cocofleet is the prime manufacturer of premium coconut shell charcoal for shisha, Hookah and BBQ, the company name is CV. Karya Perkakas Jogja. Since the beginning, we specialize in exporting our products and brands to varios markets across the globe. We were established in febuary 2012 and since than, continuously expanded over the years to become an innovative and international operating company as well as a reliable partner in the waste buseiness industry.

Our head quarter and production facility is built on approximately 3.000 square meter land to maintain all industrial standards in order to produce a premium quality for coconut shell charcoal. This area is located in Yogyakarta which is strategically close to the port of Semarang and Surabaya.

Dedicated and skilled employees are the highest resources and enable Cocofleet to perform on the highest level to develop a premium grade quality of charcoal. On top of that, our clients can rest assure to be provided with their orders within the expected delivery time and as a result of dedication, team spirit and facilities, the current production capacity reaches 3 x 20 Ft Container / 54 tons per month. We do wholesale Coconut Charcoal Briquettes to the USA, Israel, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Korea, Lebanon.


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