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1905 – Cakes – Magnetar Global International

Magnetar Global International
10 Anson Road #20-05 International Plaza Singapore 079903
Product : Kokola Biscuit
Phone : +6281252010882
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For over 40 years, Kokola has been establishing its position as one of the best biscuit manufacturers in Indonesia. Focusing on the improvement of quality as one of its main commitment, Kokola has successfully implemented Total Food Safety Management System for over a decade. Armed with FSSC22000, BRC, and Halal, Kokola was more than ready to serve the highly demanding global market.

Supported with a clear vision of further International expansion, Kokola has penetrated the global market by exporting its products to more than 50 countries worldwide and counting. And to further cemented it’s position as a global FMCG manufacturing company, Kokola also established several International Offices located in Singapore, Vietnam, Nigeria, China, and Philippines in 2019 which will be the pillars of the global distribution of Kokola brand.

Together with all KOKOLA family from all over the world, we will continue to do our best to become a trusted and reliable company that is continuously sharing Happiness through our Delicious and High Quality biscuits with everyone around the world. Once again, Sharing Happylicious!

About Kokola

Kokola is a trusted manufacture that always happy to bake our delicious biscuit for you and the world as we call it “Sharing Happylicious”. We have started baked Heart-Warming Cookies for over 40 years. Our passion in Baking helps us keep developing, and now we bake our biscuit with the state of the art technology and best selection ingredients, assured with the latest food safety procedures. We love to share and make the world happy and delicious.



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