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Product : Organic Coconut Sugar
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Organic Granule Coconut Sugar is an organic sweetener with a light to dark brown granulated texture. It is easy to melt soft granulated sugar as well as cane sugar but richer in flavour. With a slightly like caramel aroma, this organic coconut sugar works particularly well alongside chocolate, make it suitable for adding ingredient to desserts, beverages, or bakery products.

You could simply replace the quantities of cane on your recipe to coconut sugar to make the same quality product with a richer flavour and intense sweetness.

Moreover, because coconut sugar is made from the nutrient-dense coconut sap, it retains some valuable nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron. It would really matters when you care about the quality of your health. It is also organics, which means it is actually a less addictive sweet stuff with a lower in calories for the same volume as cane sugar.

Organic granulated coconut sugar :

• Ingredients : 100% Coconut Sap

• Form : Granulated

• Mesh : #18

• Moisture content : < 2%

• Shelf life : 24 Months

• Certified : EU Organic, USDA, JAS, Halal MUI, Organik Indonesia


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