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1513 – Coconuts – PT Nusantara Avia Indonesia

PT Nusantara Avia Indonesia
Penjaringan 29 RT03 RW02 Kel Penjaringan Sari Kec Rungkut
Product : Virgin Coconut Oil & Crude Coconut Oil
Phone : +6295772337414
Email :

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Virgin Coconut Oil is a product with process adopted the Cold Pressed & Centrifugal method, which uses absolutely no heat in any stage of the process. This process utilizes modified and improved machines to meet the strict standard of extracting the purest Virgin Coconut Oil.

Specification: Physical

1. Colour and Appearance : Water Clear or Colorless (A full transparent oil at above 30°C); White color when solidify (below 25°C)

2. Taste : Free from rancid or sour taste

3. Odour : Free from rancid odour and contains mild coconut aroma

Crude Coconut Oil is a light yellow liquid and pure coconut oil from the processing copra which is extracted with technology processing. Oil extraction requires the use of pressure and heat. It is advisable to use Crude Coconut Oil only for external consumption. It is really great for lubrication and moisturizing purpose due to the percentage of moisture level.


Free Fatty Acid : 2.25-5.20 %

Peroxide Value : 1.74 meq O2/kg

Acid Value : 247.80 mg KOH/g

Lod Value : 19.12 Wijs


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