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Jl. Pahlawan No. 22 Kp. Jawa 1 Pariaman
Product : Cloves
Phone : +6285216410688
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Established in 2021, Agroshine Indonesia is a supplier of coconut-derived commodity manufacturing products in Indonesia, Pariaman city, western Sumatra Island, at the same time, local villages trust us as representatives to market the superior products here (coconut derivative & cassava flour). Based on small businesses that the surrounding community contributes to, now we want to develop and meet the needs of the global market, of course with reference to the better quality and quantity of our products, the improvement of our workforce capabilities and the improvement of our quality, as well as competitive prices. Determined to compete in the international market, we are expanding our manufacturing operations in various parts of Indonesia (especially Java and Sumatra) while remaining consistent in quantity and quality.

Agroshine Indonesia started this with honesty, responsibility and trust in you, for that we will prove it to anyone who comes to us. Ikon Diverifikasi Komunitas



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