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0904 – Pepper of the Genus Piper – CV. INDONESIA KONEKSI GLOBAL

Jl. Tambak Wedi Baru Gang 5 No. 1. Kel, Tambak Wedi. Kec, Kenjeran. 60126
Product : Black Pepper & White Pepper
Phone : +62895804130702
Email :

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CV. Indonesia Koneksi Global, started in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia in 2021. Our company was built by experienced young Indonesians. Having a business nature that can be trusted, innovative, professional, friendly, and with integrity. The development and improvement of product quality is a form of our commitment in ensuring product quality and client trust. Our company plays on a domestic and global scale. We have integrated and connected with the production center. Our business includes Indonesia’s various commodities which have been recognized by many countries.


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