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Jl. dr.cipto 20 semarang
Product : Green Coffee Beans
Phone : +622484500927
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PT. SWARNA AGRO NUSANTARA establish since 2014 we are focus on the main business in the field of agriculture, where more are focus to B2B. we are supplier on manufacture as bulk and supplier finished product of course with his brand to retail business like as restaurant, hotel, cafe, wholesaler in many countrythrough the process of supervision and management are good products that are produced to make the products are of good quality and can meet the demands of manufacture as end user.

PT. SWARNA AGRO NUSANTARA cooperation with farmer and government to obtain sustainable source and managed profesionally.Our vision of “Became a Great Company in Agro Industry to manage natural resources Indonesia in order to give life to the many people who are associated with this company”Our Mission is “to deliver product at the right quality and standard, at the right specification and at the right price”. The mission is somewhat forming a competition and effective attitude to all of company member.

PT. SWARNA AGRO NUSANTARA has increase very significant growth. The company’s turnover has increased sharply, and since then we started to expand into processed coffee bean and tea leaf. The company still do the palm oil business but started to do expansion to coffee and tea and began building network to coffee and tea farmer groups directly under the direction of PT. SWARNA AGRO NUSANTARA and become tea and coffee specialist


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