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0901 – Coffee – Digis Global Gracia

Digis Global Gracia
Apt Tmn Rasuna unit 11-27A Menteng Atas, Setiabudi Jakarta Selatan
Product : Coffee
Phone : +6285691757539
Email :

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DIGIS GLOBAL GRACIA supply across the globe as the leading supplier for Coffee product from Indonesia which is well known as the biggest and the best in the world.

We produce high-quality coffee by applying sustainable and ethical sourcing. Partnering directly with the farmers makes us more aware and responsive about anything happening at the farm level, because our goal is to consistently improve our coffee quality by not neglecting our farmers’ livelihood.

Indonesia has a great deal to offer the specialty market, with distinct and unique profiles depending on region and processing. Most notably, offers specialty coffees from Sumatra & Java; however, the country’s other islands of Sulawesi, Flores, Bali and Papua also produce coffee


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